About us

SOL-É-GRO brings harvest-fresh fruits into the kitchen. In fact, you harvest the fruits yourself at home!

SOL-É-GRO plants are grown by Fortaplant. Thanks to our company’s knowledge and experience, we rely on sustainable and organic methods to grow them and get them to bloom.

Quirky company

We produce in our own way, so we’re a bit on the quirky side. Our product has to offer something extra. Not just ordinary, but a cut above the rest. Together with our partners, we look for solutions and improvements. Not always the most obvious ones, but certainly the best!

Pure and clean production

Strict hygiene and disinfection rules apply to employees and visitors throughout the entire production process. We also produce with respect for sustainability, so you can enjoy our plants to the fullest. In addition to appreciating the flavour, you can enjoy our plants growing and flowering.


Our greenhouses are equipped to grow plants under ideal conditions. Fortaplant guarantees excellent quality and 100% reliable products.


You can argue about taste, but in general, fresh has a different, and above all better, taste! It’s an experience that our team gladly shares with you.

Knowledgeable and reliable team

The goal of our service-oriented employees is to supply plants that create value. Above all, tasty fruits that you can pick yourself. Today, tomorrow, next week; whenever you feel like it!


As you’d expect, our products are certified. This includes sustainability and the environment certification (MPS) and plant health certification (The Netherlands General Inspection Service for Horticulture-Naktuinbouw -).