Tips and tricks

The plant label contains instructions on general care, but on this page you can find all the tips and tricks to get your plant to produce the tastiest fruit.

Natural light

It’s important to place the plant in a bright place in the house to get beautiful, full-coloured fruit. Preferably, place the plant in front of a window in the sun. The fruit needs light to develop colour. If there’s a leaf in front of fruit, you can remove it, but don’t remove too many leaves.


If small flowers appear on the tomato plant, they signal new fruit. It’s important to give the flower a small tap every week, so that the pollen is released and the fruit adheres better. In a way, it replicates the effect of a bee taking pollen from the flower.


Fruit is ready to eat when the colour is mature and it’s easy to pick. Don’t leave ripe fruit on the plant for too long, because ripe fruit continues to take energy from the plant, even though this is no longer necessary. It’s better if the plant uses this energy to ripen the other fruit. Remember, you can only eat the coloured fruit. The leaf, plant, and green fruit are not edible!


Keep a close eye on the plant every day. If you notice any wilting in the leaves, give the plant a little water, but not too much! Tip: Place the plant in a bowl with water, so the plant can absorb water when necessary and you never give too little or too much.