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Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables, or teach your children how to? Try our tasty, but above all healthy vitamin bombs. They’re easy and fun to grow! We make sure the plant already bears the first edible fruit, you take care of growing as much new fruit as possible. Healthy, fresh, educational, and sustainable, but especially a lot of fun!

Our vegetable plants are nice and compact, reaching a height of between 30 and 50 cm, so they’re perfect for placing indoors on the kitchen table. You can also put them in the vegetable garden if you prefer, of course.

Fresh produce for everyone

Together with Victor, our cultivation specialist, we’ve written down all the secrets of successful cultivation for you. Follow the right care tips, and watch your fingers turn just as green as Victor’s!

Psst! – Are you good at taking care of the plants? – We’re always looking for enthusiastic employees!

Frequently asked questions

In a light, preferably sunny place in the house or garden, or on the balcony.

The tomato plants reach a height of 35 to 45 cm

You can eat the fruit with a mature colour. If the fruit is easy to pick, it’s ready to eat.


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The name has been created, the logo has been designed, the website has been built, and the tests have been completed. Now it's time for the real work; selling our new product, SOL-É-GRO! We’re currently working hard on selling the first plants to our existing customers. If you’re interested in our new product, please check out our website, or contact us via the contact form.